Academy Council

Our academy councillors meet once a month to share ideas and organise events to make an even better place. Last year Academy Council:

  • How to spend the money donated by Mr Hardy to enhance sports / breaktime equipment
  • Ways to use SHARE boxes more privately
  • Ways to encourage children to improve their attendance

This term our councillors are talking to their classes about:

If you have an idea to share please talk to your class councillor:

Our Academy Councillors are:

Y2I - Layton Storr

Y2S - Ellie Matthews

Y3B - Reggie Noble, Hannah Marley

Y3W - Amelia Robson-McCarthy, Jaynie Dixon - Oliver

Y4R - Charlotte Frost, Keira Dixon

Y4B - Callum Graham, Libbi Posthill

Y5L - Joanna Shoko,

Y5P - Emmie Cotton

Y6A - Cameraon Shaw

Y6S - Ethan Bell, Sammy Dixon