Year 6 Homework is an important element of your child's education. It consolidates their learning and challenges them in next steps. Your child, taking responsibility for their homework in Year 6 is an important skill as they progress on to secondary school next year.


It is expected that Year 6 pupils read at least three times a week at home. Some prefer to read independently but it is important to ask them questions about their book, to check their understanding. Please sign and return their Reading Diary to school every Wednesday. Children put it in the sparkly box. These children will be entered into a weekly reading raffle for a variety of prizes.


Each week your child will be looking at a particular spelling rule in lessons. It is important that the children learn these rules and are confident in applying them. A Year 5/6 word list has been sent home with your child. The Government expect every Year 6 child to be able to read spell and understand the meaning of these words. If it has been misplaced, there are spares on the Year 6 noticeboard. Weekly spelling rules are also sent home. Each Friday your child will be tested on these words and others which follow that rule. They will also be tested on words from the Y5/6 word list.


Your child will receive weekly Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation Homework. This is sent home every Tuesday and Thursday and must be returned by the following Tuesday and Thursday. There are rewards for effort at the end of this term.


Maths homework is set weekly online at "Hegarty Maths". Your child has their own login details. The website provides video tutorials and new tasks are set every Tuesday and your child has a week to complete them. We are part of a NET league and share the "Top Ten pupils" for Hegarty hours and number of questions answered, every week. Miss Linton and Mrs Singleton hold a Hegarty Maths Homework session every Monday lunch time, should your child have had problems accessing the internet at home. We are able to read messages from your child, monitor how long they are sending doing homework and if they are using the tutorials.

If your child misses two homework tasks in one week, we will make a phone call home to see if we can support in any way.

Thank you for your continued support.