Healthy Living Workshops

Norton Primary Academy Fit Food Workshops

Last year our nutritionist delivered 'Sugar Workshops' to years 3-6 and 'The Hungry Caterpillar' workshop to years 1, 2 & reception.

This term the pupils learnt about healthy snacks and energy. First covering the 'Eat Well Guide', the importance of exercise, then making their own healthy snack bars using dried fruit, oats, seeds & spices.

Healthier Lives: Fit Food

Encouraging pupils to eat for results rather than just for pleasure. Understanding the impact that real food can have on the body and the importance to keep on moving.

Learning Objectives

  • PSHE- Understand the importance of physical activity and food choices
  • PE- Develop coordination, control and movement through interactive activities
  • Understand the link between food and the way we feel
  • Learn how to eat for positive results
  • Mathematics- Understand and apply basic mathematics: measuring ingredients (compare, add and subtract) and ratios


  • Pupil's identifying different food groups.
  • Pupil's trying new foods.
  • Pupil's working together in a team to design their healthy snack.
  • Pupil's explaining why exercise & eating healthy are important.
  • Pupil's trying foods that they have disliked previously.