International Schools

In recognition of our commitment to, and support of, the enriching international dimensions of teaching and learning, we have been accredited with the British Council International School Award for the past 5 years. The wide variety of activities delivered across school have given our children a greater understanding of those living in the wider community and the wider world and they have been encouraged to develop a greater awareness of the lifestyles of others as well as a greater understanding of cultural similarities and differences. Aside from planned specific International activities we endeavour to expose our children to a wide range of activities with a global focus appropriately related to the themes they are covering this may include stories, art and drama activities, singing. Through our cross curricular approach we aim to incorporate the teaching /learning of global citizenship in a meaningful and appropriate way through linking issues/activities to the themes we are delivering. An example of this is this term's Y3/4 theme HOW which has explored the lives of The Native American Indian tribes.

We are proud of the community links we have and in particular those that promote international / global awareness and understanding. For the past 9 years we have been centrally involved in the Stockton International Riverside Festival. This involves some of our pupils and their families working alongside numerous community groups to participate in the largest International festival in Europe. Within this they have the opportunity of meeting and mixing with a diverse mix of cultures and communities. One of our latest activities which involved our reception children was a true celebration of cultural diversity - recognising what makes us different and what we have in common. Illustrating the depth of musicality and culture that exists in and around our town we participated in the Festival of Colour and Light this exposed our children to a variety of music and dance presented by groups from within the community, celebrating the Diwali Festival. We presented our own music and songs sharing with others in a true celebration of being a community. Our parents and pupils talked of the excitement at being involved in such a project and also the greater awareness they had regarding the diverse make up of our town.