Behaviour & Rewards

A high standard of behaviour is expected from pupils at all times and within all areas of school. Our Academy rules are shared with all children throughout school and are displayed throughout the building:

Safe - Be responsible for ourselves and others.

Honest -Always tell the truth.

Attitude - Be the best you can be.

Respect - Value ourselves, others and our school

Engage - Actively participate in our learning.

In order to encourage and reward children who display good behaviour a number of rewards are also given including:

Team Points
All children currently belong to one of four teams; Guatemala, Bolivia, Costa Rica and Venezuala. Team points are gained for demonstrating good attitude and behaviour. At the end of each term the winning team is rewarded with a treat from the Principal.

Top Table
Alongside our lunchtime supervisors Mel, our school cook, and the kitchen team also look for children who are demonstrating excellent table manners and a polite, caring manner whilst they are eating their lunch. Each week four pupils are nominated to join the Top Table on a Friday lunchtime each inviting a friend where they will be served by Year Six pupils and receive extra special attention to detail (including After Eight mints!)

Star of the Week
Is awarded to one child in each class per week for any number of reasons, it's always a delight to see just how many reasons these certificates are awarded! Parents are invited to a special assembly on a Friday afternoon to celebrate.

Annual Trophies
Are awarded to pupils in each class who have demonstrated exceptional attitude to all aspects of school life throughout the year. In addition a trophy for Sportswoman and Sportsman of the year is also awarded to Year Six pupils.


Where behaviour is not of the standard we expect appropriate sanctions are put in place which may include time out, missed playtime or missed whole school treat. When a child has misbehaved in a more serious manner this may result in a red card and a letter home to parents. Where there are concerns regarding a child's behaviour in school parents will be invited into a meeting to discuss ways forward.

Bullying - we take firm measures to ensure that all our pupils, staff and visitors can be sure that the school is safe and secure. If you believe your child is the victim of bullying then please report this to any adult member of staff at school; the class teaching assistant, teacher, vice-principal or principal, who will all take your concern seriously, and will act in accordance with our Anti-bullying policy.


Further information about our strategies for dealing with behaviour issues and bullying can be found in our Behaviour Policy and Anti-Bullying policy in the Policies section of this website.