The Governing Body are a group of people who make important decisions about the running of the academy. This can include anything from decisions about employing new staff to how to spend the academy's budget. Their role is to hold the Principal to account and to ensure the academy is well run and successful. Governors come from all walks of life and share a commitment to the children at the academy.

With effect from the academic year 2016/17 a new model of governance will be in place operating with a Joint Board (the Stockton on Tees Primary Board) across the three Stockton NET primary academies (Norton, Oak Tree and Frederick Nattrass) within which operates a Portfolio Sub Committee which specifically focuses upon Norton Primary.

Further details can be found within the Terms of Reference.

Please click below to find out more about our local governing board, to read a summary of their portfolio meetings for the Spring term 2017 and to see a register of their pecuinary interests

Register of Governors Pecuniary Interests.

Meet the Governors

Portfolio Summary for Parents Spring 2017

Stockton on Tees combined Academy Council:

Chair of Governors
Mr John Taylor (date of appointment: 11/07/2016)

Vice Chair:
Mr Keith Morrison (date of appointment: 11/07/2016)

Executive Principal:
Debra Murphy

Michelle Randall-Harris (Norton Primary Academy)
Emma Roffe (Frederick Nattrass Primary Academy)
Elizabeth Pollitt (The Oak Tree Academy)

Sponsor Governors:

Mr Peter Parish (date of appointment: 11/07/2016)

Ms Lorna McLean (date of appointment: 16/03/2017)

Mr Andrew Jennings (date of appointment: 28/09/2017)

Mr Shaun Haywood (date of appointment: 05/10/2016)

Miss Donna Park (date of appointment: 01/09/2016)

Mrs Jill Binks (date of appointment: 16/11/2016)

Cllr Bob Cook (date of appointment: 01/09/2016)

Cllr Steve Nelson (date of appointment: 01/09/2016)

Mr Phil Steel (date of appointment: 26/01/2018)

Miss Lois Kirton (date of appointment: 16/01/2018)

Dr Max Patrick (date of appointment: 11/07/2016)

Mr Tony Birch (date of appointment: 10/02/2017)

Staff Governor:

Ms Carolyn Minto (The Oaktree Academy)

Mrs Holly Burton (Frederick Nattrass Primary Academy)

Mr Andrew Cowan (Norton Primary Academy)

Parent Governors:

Mrs Angela Stephenson (The Oaktree Academy)

Ex- Officio Members of the combined Academy council:

Mr Rob Tarn (Chief Executive)

Mr Gareth Edmunds ( Chief Operating & Finance Officer)

Mrs Kath Hull (Finance Officer over All Three Academies)

Mr David Brown (Director of Governance)

Mrs Diane Greaves ( Governor Support)

Clerk to the Academy Council:

Miss Katie Gallagher

Members of Governing Body Portfolio Sub Committee:

Mr Peter Parish (Chair of Sub Committee date of appointment 11/07/2016: portfolio holder for Leadership and Management)
Cllr Robert Cook (date of appointment:01/09/2016: portfolio holder for Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment)
Mr Shaun Haywood (date of appointment 05/10/2016: portfolio holder for Outcomes)

Portfolio Committee Member Pecuniary Interest(s) Date Declared
Peter Parish Education Consultancy (self-employed): occasional work for NET and NEA 11/07/2016

Robert Cook Stockton Borough Council: Non Parochial Councilor 05/10/2016
Shaun Haywood Nil 05/10/2016


The full governing board has formally met 4 times during the year. Attendance during the 2015-16 year at meetings of the full governing board was as follows:

Board Member Meetings Attended Out of Possible
Jean Heart 4 4
Susan Dawson 4 4
Justine Taylor 2 3
Glenda Steel 1 3
Neil Stoddart 0 2
Robert Cook 3 4
Bev Goodall 4 4
Jane Loomes 2 3
John Collings 1 2
Laura Love 2 2
David Burns 1 3

The Resources committee is a sub-committee of the main governing board. The purpose of the resources committee is to monitor the integrity of the financial statements of the academy, receive and monitor the reports of internal and external auditors, develop a risk assessment model and review the adequacy and security of arrangements for employees and contractors, consideration of the condition and suitability for learning of the academy's buildings and review the procedures for risk assessment of health and safety. Attendance at meetings in the year was as follows:

Board Member Meetings Attended Out of Possible
Jean Hart 3 3
Susan Dawson 3 3
Neil Stoddart 0 1
Bev Goodall 3 3
David Burns 1 2

The School Improvement committee is a sub-committee of the main governing board. Its purpose is to consider and approve curriculum provision linked to pupil outcomes and associated teaching and support staff resource, approval of Improvement Plans. Attendance at meetings in the year was as follows:

Jean Hart
3 3
Susan Dawson
3 3
Laura Love 1 1
Jane Loomes 1 2
John Collings 1 2
Glenda Steel 0 2
Justine Taylor 1 2

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