Community Involvement

Throughout the year we endeavour to become involved in a range of community initiatives as they provide a wonderful opportunity for pupils to develop themselves as exemplary and enthusiastic members of their local community.

Over this year alone our families have supported a number of charities and we have been overwhelmed by the responses:

  • An astonishing £336.46 was raised through this year's fun activities for Children in Need.
  • Over £118 was raised through selling poppies in school.
  • £257.48 was raised through our Christmas Jumper Day.

Annual Stockton Carnival

Norton_Primary.JPGEach year we take part in the Annual Stockton Carnival - great fun is always had as you can see!

We thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the "Pssst! We Love Stockton" event as part of our Comic Relief fundraising event.

Every Christmas our school choir visits a number of local care homes to entertain the residents with a medley of Christmas songs, old and new. The list of care homes requesting a visit grows each year - our reputation must be spreading!

Community Links

At Norton Primary Academy we have strong links with our local church, St Michael's and All Angels. During the year the children attend Easter and Christingle services in Church. Reverend Martin Anderson leads acts of Collective Worship every half term.

In the Summer Term Reverend Martin came into school with two visitors from St John's School in Kilimatinde in Tanzania. They taught the children a song in Kiswahali and told them about life in the village.

During the Summer Rev Martin went out to Tanzania and when he returned to Norton he shared his experiences with the children. The children in the village don't have food for their main meal or writing implements for school. At Norton Primary Academy the children decided to support the porridge and pencils scheme and help the children in Tanzania. At break time the children in St John's School are given a bowl of porridge to eat and this is sometimes this is there only meal of the day.

There is also a shortage of resources for the children to use in their lessons. £1.39 will ensure that a child is given a pencil to use in school and can have porridge every day for a month. £16 will provide for the children in the school for a year. The children are collecting money across the year. In the Spring and Summer Terms events, such as a sponsored silent read and a football tournament, will be organised to raise money for the children in Tanzania. In the Autumn Term the children brought in spare coins and have raised £50 so far!

The children attended Harvest Festival in church. Reverend Martin led the service and the children wrote and read out the prayers at the end of the service.

Food Bank

During the Autumn Term the children supported the Stockton and Billingham foodbank when food donations were collected as part of our Harvest Festival appeal. The food was taken to the foodbank which is based in St Michael's and All Angels church. The food donated created 25 parcels to be given to families in need within our local area.

Norton Advent Trail

Following on from last years success with the "Love Norton" Advent trail where we created a single window display for the Advent trail, our Academy was asked to create several this year. The children created advent themed displays that look like stained glass windows. These were then displayed in the windows of shops and businesses in Norton and then members of the public visited each window to look for clues to complete the Advent trail.

WW1 Centenary

Children from Year Six joined in with other Primary Schools in Norton to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War. Our Principal led the children in laying a wreath to remember those who gave their lives.

STEM Project

"Today we were set a challenge to become engineers. Two TWI employees (Amit and Michelle) guided us step by step to build white chocolate bridges and test how much weight they could hold before breaking. First we built a bridge using four chocolate bars. We melted the sides of the chocolate using glass bottles filled with hot water. Then pressed the edges together to make a square bridge. Then we tested a single bar of chocolate by spanning it across two beakers and placing weights on the middle of it. Our group managed to put 1.1kg on the chocolate before it snapped. After that we tested the square bridge in the same way. The most weight it could hold before breaking was 10kg. I had a really good time and I would definitely recommend it." Kiera Swindon

"Today Mrs Singleton's maths group were visited by two employees from a local engineering company known as TWI. They set us the challenge of seeing how much weight a hollow cuboid bridge of chocolate could hold before breaking. Starting off our challenge, we tested how much a single bar could hold and that ended up snapping in half at 1.7kg. Then Amit (who was running the project) introduced us to welding. Welding is the process of joining materials together. The way he showed us was placing the corners of the chocolate onto a bottle full of hot water. This melted the edges and made them suitable to be stuck together (welded). Once conjoined, he put them in the freezer. When they were set, we placed the weights on each bar, as we did with the previous plank bridge and tested how much weight it would hold before breaking. The best bridge could hold 10kg." Brad Lynch-Flynn

"We were all set a challenge by a local company called TWI, to see how many kilograms/grams it would take to break a bridge made of chocolate. The items used were: a single bar of chocolate, 4 bars of chocolate, a wine bottle containing hot water and two cups. We started off by placing two cups on a table with a single bar of chocolate on (so it looked like a bridge). Then we gathered some weights and carefully placed them on the chocolate to see how much weight it would take to break the bridge. It took 1.7kg. After that we took the 4 bars of chocolate, melted the edges a little bit so they could be stuck together (welded), creating a cuboid. Once the edges were set we balanced the cuboid bridge across the two cups and used weights to see how much weight it would hold before breaking. This took a total weight, before breaking, of 10kg." Ella Opie