NET Primary and Secondary Phases Show Outstanding Year on Year Success

22nd Oct 2018

NET Primary and Secondary Phases Show Outstanding Year on Year Success

Despite results nationally in both the primary and secondary phase remaining relatively stable from last year, students and staff are celebrating the seismic improvements in results for 2018 across the 10 primary and 10 secondary academies sponsored by NET.

At GCSE level, the percentage of students achieving strong passes (grade 5+) in both English and maths improved by 11 percentage points to 42%. The proportion of students achieving standard passes (grade 4+) in English and maths improved by 10 percentage points to 60%. Three NET schools, The Grangefield Academy, Kearsley Academy and Thomas Hepburn Community Academy improved their English and maths grade 5+ results by 20 percentage points or more; with a further three, The Blyth Academy, Kirk Balk Academy and Thorp Academy improving by more than 10. At grade 4+, six NET schools, The Blyth Academy, The Grangefield Academy, Kearsley Academy, Red House Academy, Thomas Hepburn Academy and Thorp Academy improved by more than 10 percentage points. Early indications show that 5 of the NET secondary schools will be the most improved school in their local authority area in the two measures of a standard pass and a strong pass in both English and maths.

In the primary phase, Year 6 children reaching the expected standard in reading, writing and maths improved by 12 percentage points to 64%, a significant increase of 28 percentage points since 2016. Six NET schools, Abbey Park Academy, Frederick Nattrass Primary Academy, Merlin Top Primary Academy, Norton Primary Academy, The Ferns Primary Academy and The Oak Tree Academy all reported results above the national average. Additionally, six academies saw improvements in one year of more than 10 percentage points, with Norton Primary Academy and Merlin Top Primary Academy improving by 20 or more. Frederick Nattrass Primary Academy is in the top 5% of all primary schools nationally for maths progress made between the ages of 7 and 11; whilst 6 other NET primary academies are in the top 25%. In writing, there are also 6 NET primary academies in the top 25% and there are 3 in the top 25% for reading.

A new Chief Executive, Rob Tarn, was appointed in September 2017, and with the support of the Trust Board has been instrumental in implementing a new school improvement model to focus on achieving the very best possible outcomes for students. Rob said "The new NORTHERN model of school improvement has been rapidly devised and implemented in our academies and the impact of this model is evidenced in this dramatic improvement in performance. We are proud to take an inclusive approach to education and it is our ambition that wherever possible all children who begin their secondary education with us in Year 7 will complete their journey in the same academy. We share the concerns of Ofsted and others that too many children leave secondary schools late in their education and before their GCSE examinations. We are proud to say that our wholly inclusive approach has meant that this is not an issue at NET with the exception of the one permanent exclusion out of the 1400 final year students. The Trust will maintain a sharp focus on improving the life chances of young people to secure their post 16 opportunities. The improvements made this year are the first step in our three-year journey to become a very high performing multi -academy Trust".

Les Walton CBE Chair of the Trust added "I believe a key aspect has been the attention on the individual needs of our children. I am particularly delighted in the way we have supported the personal and social development of our children. I have a long interest in the pastoral care of children, being one of the founder members of the National Association of Pastoral Care."

Tom Grieveson Trustee, Chair of Achievement and Climate Committee and former Senior HMI stated, "'dedication by staff and hard work from students along with the resolute focus on teaching, learning and the curriculum has underpinned much of this improvement."

David Hall, Chair of Blyth Academy Council said "The last year has been a whirlwind for The Blyth Academy as a school and the amazing vision and focus of Northern Education Trust has been pivotal in our transformation which has brought the best GCSE results ever. We've had a 21% rise in maths alone and 17% rise in maths and English combined."

John Taylor, Chair of Stockton Primary Academy Council (Frederick Nattrass, Oak Tree and Norton Primary) stated "I am delighted with the 2018 results in the three Stockton Primary Academies which evidence that NET systems are delivering good outcomes."

Northern Education Trust (NET) is a multi-academy trust sponsoring 10 secondary and 10 primary academies across the north of England and has a growing reputation for developing schools through its NORTHERN model of school improvement. The impact of the NET vision of 'Outcomes Focused, Child Centred' is evidenced in the results for both the 2018 primary SATs and the secondary GCSE results. NET ensures that every decision made is in the interest of children and young people in order to improve their life chances. Inclusivity is embedded in the NORTHERN model with mechanisms to support the most vulnerable child to succeed and overcome barriers to learning. Many academies sponsored by NET operate in areas with a high level of deprivation, with a high proportion of students eligible for pupil premium.

The results tables illustrate our seismic improvements.